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Garrett Land & Cattle Beef

The Kansas City Strip Bundle + 5 lbs of Ground Beef (**Free Local Delivery)

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Four All-Natural, Homegrown Kansas City Strip Steaks & 5 lbs of Premium Ground Beef.

The Kansas City Strip comes from the short loin section, between the rib and the sirloin sections the Black Angus steer. The close cousin to the New York Strip, the Kansas City Strip is a cut with more fat. Because of this, the meat retains all of its juiciness and extra flavor when cooked properly. The taste is often said to be similar to a ribeye. All of our Kansas City Strip Steaks are 1.25" thick with intense marbleization for added tenderness, moistness, and excellent flavor.

The KC Strip Bundle includes:
  • 4 Kansas City Strip Steaks (14 oz ea.)
  • 5 lbs of Ground Beef (85/15)